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The investment project is implemented in several steps depending on whether the investor is a domestic or foreign company. The knowledge of a particular locality the investment is to be situated in  is most significant , and the attention is concentrated also on the project economy. In the initial phase of the investment process, this is defined in a feasibility study that is a necessary part of the investment project preparation. Its finding influences further project implementation steps.



One of the first phases preceding most investment projects is a phase of assessment of a particular investment impact to the environment and public health (EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment = Vyhodnocení vlivů na životní prostředí). This process  precedes a planning permit /building permit issue for a particular project..

A process of assessment of the investment impact to the environment begins in a definition of the investment project in compliance with legislative parameters of the Act No.  100/2001 Coll., as amended. This is followed by the project assessment  – if the building is subject to the law limits – below limit project, or so-called fact finding proceeding , or so-called comprehensive EIA, within these legislative processes, the evaluation is made – documentation completion depending on a particular project, whether the planned investment can substantially impact the environment and public health. A particular authority then issues its standpoint to the project evaluation pursuant to the Act No. 100/2001 Coll.

The most significant assessment benefit is  optimization of prepared projects in terms of their potential environment impacts and avoidance of potential conflicts which elimination would be later difficult.

A process of integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) is another important tool in the field of environment protection and its pollution avoidance. Pursuant to the Act No. 76/2002 Coll.,  operators of the facility listed in the Annex No. 1 to the Act are obliged to apply an integrated permit issue.



We prepare project  documentation for a planning permit and building permit. The both documentations are prepared according to findings defined in the EIA study and its conclusions, all that in compliance with the effective wording of the law, standards and decrees. We prepare also documentation for a choice of the building contractor, for the building completion, and as-built building documentation.



As a part of the offered services, we provide clients with a complex support in arrangement of all necessary permits, e.g.:  gaining the consents granted by authorities regarding  the environment impacts,  planning permit, building supervision, water law permit, and settlement of comments presented by involved government authorities in the course of documentations negotiations, and so on.

Our Company represents client at its request in any and all mentioned procedures and processes.



A tender organization is one of key services provided by the company Technoprojekt.

Tenders in any branch are very much followed processes and, in addition, coped with many difficulties. In the field  of  investment projects, this fact is further emphasized by respective high financial amounts. Within tender procedures organization, we provide top quality services in order to assure smooth investment project implementation.



Services related to the building management, particularly resources management (time, quality and budget management) are provided by us particularly to clients not having their in-house experts available and/or if a particular building completion  is participated by several contractors. In addition to resources management, we are usually responsible also for the safety and environment protection management.

The construction works  management is very much demanding, and, therefore, this service requires permanent presence of our employees at a building site.



A technical support for  client and client´s  implementation team in the process of building. A technical supervision is not so much complex as  building management  and deals mostly with compliance of the permitted and tender documentation and implementation documentation.

Within the technical supervision, we also review works carried out in terms of their compliance with the effective design documentation. Unlike the building works management, this service does not require permanent presence of our employees at the building site.



The investment project conclusion is associated with an application and subsequent authorization for use of the building usually preceded by an application for a trial operation authorization. This process is very complicated in case of complex technological buildings where a compliance of regulations for the technology use and local standards and certificates should be provided to declaration of conformity.

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